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Food Photography Portfolio: Top Ways to Improve

food cubes by Adrian Harrison Photgraphy

Food photography is undeniably considered to be one of the most challenging types of photography out there. Just like painting, you start out with a blank canvas & start building the artwork. Layer by layer, you construct the perfect food photograph until you are able to reach the perfect balance of art & reality. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned player in the field of food photography, it is important to develop your food photograph portfolio right from the beginning.

So, how do you exactly improve your food photography skills beyond the basics? Here are some tips to improve your overall food photography portfolio to help you emerge as a winner in the given profile:

  • Choose the Perfect Angle: As a food photographer Essex, you must be aware of the perfect angle when it comes to shooting the perfect food photographs. There are a few special angles in the food photography scenario that you will come across again & again. Therefore, it is considered vital that you go with choosing a conscious shooting angle. The angle that you place your camera on will definitely affect the type of story that you wish to tell.

While choosing your angle, it is important to think about your food beforehand. The overall shape, size, height, depth, and the unique features about it –you need to ponder over every possible aspect to come up with the best angle for amazing food photography. When you take food images from the best possible angle, it can help in setting your photography profile effectively.

  • Surround the Main Dish: When you are shooting food images from the front angle, you must try keeping an amazing foreground & background to play with the same. You can utilize the empty spaces to tell your story in a more intriguing manner. It is suggested that you surround the main dish with interesting props & ingredients that are able to relate to the given food item. The smaller, intricate details like sauces, ingredients, cooking utensils, oils, and so more can play a major role in determining the success of your overall food photography profile.

Props like linens, jars, glasses, tins, herbs, and so more could tell a story about the origin of the given food item or dish. You can try placing a few such ingredients or props in the foreground as well as in the background towards elevating your story and offering it depth.

  • Natural Effects: When it comes to impeccable food photography, lighting is the king. Along with top-notch lighting, when you are able to acquire a few tools, it can help you in taking the overall food photography to another level. Therefore, natural effects including the lighting & other effects are known for enhancing your entire food photo shoot. With proper lighting and some excellent food photography editing skills, you can boost your overall food photography profile in a multifold manner.

Make the best of your food photography profile with these tips!



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