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  • Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline

    Congratulations! The love of your life has finally made the proposal and you are all ready & excited to spend the rest of your life with him or her! Now that you are almost on the path of walking down to the married bliss, it is high time that you utilize your remaining time making the most of it. Right from selecting the perfect wedding venue to hiring best photography locally, picking up the best wedding dress, and much more –all of these need to be considered while planning out your big day.

    We have prepared a list of the ultimate wedding planning timeline –starting from 12 months period to help you with organizing the best day of your life perfectly. Have a glance:

    Draft a Guest List (12+ Months)

    While planning your wedding, deciding on the number of guests is one of the most vital tasks. For this, you need to sit down with your partner as well as close family members to decide upon who all should grace your big day. When you have finalized the guest list, it tends to simplify the rest of the wedding planning process. This is because other aspects including the wedding venue, wedding dishes, and others could be based on the number of guests attending your wedding.

    Set a Proper Budget (12+ Months)

    Budget planning is yet another indispensable aspect that you need to decide upon way before the final day. Before beginning any sort of major planning, setting your budget must be done beforehand. Based on your final budget, the rest of the wedding planning could be done effectively. Sit down with both your as well as the partner’s parents to politely decide if they will be willing to contribute equally to the wedding. You can also talk about the total amount and the specific purpose for which they will be funding.

    Secure the Venues (9+ Months)

    Prior to several months of your wedding, it is imperative for you to go for booking of the wedding venue. This is because if you are getting married in the wedding season, there are higher chances that bookings of the top-class wedding venues in your area are already a rage and you might end up losing on some of the best options out there.

    Register Important Roles (9+ Months)

    Right from the wedding planner to the best wedding photographer Essex and © David Dean photographer, wedding caterers, and so more –you need to register all of these diverse roles perfectly much more before the big day. When you wish to hire the best-in-class wedding professionals to your wedding, you would definitely wish to make sure that they are not already booked. As such, you can start registering them way before in advance.

    Finalize Your Dress (9+ Months)

    If you are going for a custom-made wedding dress, then it might take several months for it to get completed. Obviously, if you do not wish to take any chances, you can go for finalizing or ordering your dress in advance. Moreover, this trick will also help you in saving emergency fees.

    Have a great wedding!

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